All About the Bennies!

  • $19

    Bang Bang

    Two Poaches Eggs, 5oz Sirloin, Fried Shrimp, English Muffins, Bang Bang Hollandaise, Choice of Side
  • $22

    The Texan

    Two Poaches Eggs, Stone Ridge Smoked Brisket, Black Beans, Texas Toast, Chipotle Hollandaise, Choice of Side
  • $20

    The Charleston

    Two Poaches Eggs, Crab Cakes, Fried Green Tomatoes, English Muffins, Cajun Hollandaise, Choice of Side
  • $18

    Nashville Hot

    Two Poaches Eggs, Fried Chicken, English Muffins, Hollandaise, Choice of Side

Fresh Start

  • $13

    Eggs Sardou

    Artichoke Hearts, Creamed Spinach, Sweet Haze Hollandaise, English Muffins
  • $14

    Veggie Crepe

    Asparagus, Wild Mushrooms, Spinach, Truffled Mascarpone
  • $12

    Brioche French Toast

    Triple berry bourbon maple syrup with fresh whipped cream
  • $12

    Greek Yogurt Parfait

    House granola and berries on a fresh baked muffin

Hangover Cures

  • $12

    Biscuits ‘N Gravy

    House Biscuits, Bacon Gravy, Two Poached Eggs, Cajun Potato Hash
  • $25

    Brisket Bowl

    Stone Ridge Smoked Brisket, Cajun Potato Hash, Two Poached Eggs, Bourbon BBQ
  • $18

    Chicken & Waffles

    Blackberry Maple Pecan Syrup, Red Butter
  • $22

    Shrimp & Grits

    Cheesy Shagbark Mill Grits, Thick Bacon, Oomph